This is a strategy specially for th 11,12,13. It is an over powered strategy if you can use it properly. Actually pekka bobat attack strategy can 3* any base if it is not too compact.

Town Hall 10,11, &12 Pekka BoBat 3 Star


Version 1 Version 2

1 Archers 1 Archer
2 Balloons 1 Balloon
1 Wizard 1 Wizard
5 Healers 5 Healers
3 Pekkas 3 Pekkas
1 Electro Dragon 1 Electro Dragon
15 Bowlers 1 Minion
13 Bowlers
1 Ice Golem
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: 1 Pekka
1 Ice Golem
Grand Warden Mode: Ground

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2 Rage
1 Poison
6 Bat Spells
CC: 2 Freeze


1 Balloon
5 Healers
3 Pekkas
1 Electro Dragon
1 Minion
13 Bowlers
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: 1 Pekka
2 Giants
Grand Warden Mode: Ground


2 Rage
1 Poison
6 Bat Spells
CC: 2 Freeze Spells

Th 10 army

1 Balloon
5 Healers
3 Pekkas
1 Baby Dragon
1 Minion
13 Bowlers
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: 1 Pekka
2 Giants
Grand Warden Mode: Ground

Town Hall 10 Spells

2 Rage
1 Freeze
6 Bat Spells
CC: 1 Freeze


  •  Best used on bases that aren’t extremely spread out
  • Most effective against single target infernos
  • Max troops + Max Heroes only
  • Always scout the base and plan your attack.
  • There are 2 main phases of this attack.
  • PHASE 1. The main army needs to takeout the EA and the cc troops.
  • PHASE 2. After the EA goes down use
  • a bat bomb/wave to take out any high-value defensive structures
  • OBJECTIVES + PRACTICE some more.

Pekka BoBat Raid Objectives

⚀ Always start by scouting the base so you can determine the best side of the base to attack. Plan your opening for the funnel and
the entry point for your army. The kill squad has to be able to take out the EA Make note of wizard towers + multi-targeting infernos so you know where to use your freeze spells as the bats move throughout the base. Scout the best place to deploy your bat spells. Deploy a loon to scout for seeking air mines, followed by the E-Drag to begin the funnel.
Try not to deploy your E-Drag where it can be immediately be targeted by an AD or xbow. Deploy the King and if necessary a bowler/wizard on the opposite side of the E-Drag. The main purpose of the king is to close the funnel. This is crucial to make sure your main army doesn’t circle the base. If possible, deploy your king so that he joins the kill squad as he completes the funnel.

please note

There are other variations for the opening of this raid where you can let the king circle the base when closing the
funnel as well as doing more of a tiny AQ walk. I must forewarn you though since you only have 2 rage spells. This will force you to burn through both rage spells or the AQ ability too quickly. Deploy your Wallwrecker so it will
allow your army to take out the EA + open up as many compartments as possible. Deploy the remaining pekkas behind the WW followed by the AQ & GW. I like to make sure the WW breaks into the first layer of walls
before dropping the healers, followed by the bowlers. If you don’t allow the WW to break into the base your king /bowlers will circle the base and the healers will follow. As the army falls in behind the WW, deploy
the first rage spell to supercharge the kill squad and help it get to the EA asap. Deploy your poison spell as needed to help destroy the defensive CC troops. Make the most of your GW ability. Use it to ensure your army doesn’t take too much damage before taking down the EA + to help the WW get maximum penetration if it is targeted by single-target infernos that lock
on too early.

REPARE FOR PHASE 2: As your main army work it’s way through the base prepare to Deploy Phase 2.

• PLEASE NOTE: 98% of all bases will require you to complete phase 1 before completing phase 2.
• HOWEVER, if the base layout or Town Hall location makes this impossible, you can use the Bat Bomb directly over the EA similar to DragBat
• Bat Wave VS Bat Bomb? Personally I have found the most success using a bat bomb
• Bat Bomb Location? The location of the WTs and multi targeting infernos will determine the best choice.

➡️For bases with overlapping MTIs with
well placed WTs for support, that cannot
be countered with freeze spells deploy
the bat bomb on the edge of the base.
➡️For bases with STIs deploy the bat bomb
directly on top of a high-value defense.
Use a freeze to take out MTIs
? BAT BOMB (Edge of base)
After the EA goes down deploy the ice
golem to tank for any outside WTs followed
by your bat spells on the edge of the base.
Drop the bat spells adjacent to the main
army on the opposite side of the base.
? BAT BOMB (Targeted Drop)
Focus on your drop point and double-check
for MTIs and WTs in range. Drop a freeze,
immediately followed by the bat spells.
The 2nd Rage Spell can be used for the Bat
Bomb if you can take down the EA early on.
11⚜ Use your freeze spells to keep your bats
alive. As the bats move in range focus on
freezing MTIs, WTs, & the Giga tesla.
(TH12… Use your ice golem to tank for
any WTs on the edge of the base as the
bats work their way around the base)
12⚛ Deploy your cleanup troops after bats
have cleared all defenses from that area
of the base
13 ⭐⭐⭐ COLLECT YOUR 3 STAR ⭐⭐⭐


❗Don’t forget to select the wall wrecker if you’re
bringing your own if you didn’t have donated
to you.
❗Make the most of your King. Never let his
health dip below halfway or allow any single
target infernos to lock on before using the
iron fist ability.
❗Keep an eye on your AQ during phase 2 so
you can pop her ability if necessary. If you’re
not careful she can go down before you use
her ability, while you’re deploying your bat
spells and freeze spells

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