Coc base design means the base layout which every player needs. The best base design an ideal need for every coc player. There are basically 4 kinds of bases

  1. Farm base
  2. Clan war base
  3. Clan war league base (CWL BASE)
  4. Troll base


Everybody need a good base design to win wars frequently. I am providing you the best 3 bases which have never been 3 stared by any player.

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Centre th 13 base

Click here to get the base

One side th 13 base

To get the base click here

Anti electro dragon base

Click here to get the base


It is the key for the victory in CWL. Get the bases from here all links are provided. That will take you to you COC app and paste the base in your layouts.

the bases provided below are fully tested and every base is unique. All the bases are good. Now it’s your choice to choose one


  1. To get the base in image 1 click here
  2. to get the base in image 2 click here
  3. to get the base of image 3 click here
  4. to get the base of image 4 click here
  5. to get the image of base 5 click here
  6. to get the base of image 6 click here

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