Hii Pubg friends i have seen that many of you want to increase your popularity quickly but cant because they don’t have money to invest in the game. There are this types of players also who don’t know how to increase popularity, what is the use of this popularity. I have answered all this types of questions like how to increase popularity fast, what is the use of popularity, how to get free popularity, how to gift some one popularity. There are very simple solution for these type of problems.

What is popularity in pubg mobile

Popularity is a feature by which you can see who is a true fan of yours. It mainly increase when another player visit your profile and send you some gift by clicking the popularity option( the button look like chicken). The top 20 player who have given the maximum amount of gifts will appear in the leader board.


What is the use of popularity

Popularity makes your profile look good. It shows that how much popular you are. Who are you die heart fans. And the main thing is if you get 50 k or 50000 popularity you can redeem 3 premium crate from the achievement section. It is very easy to get around 50 k popularity and you don’t have to spend any money in this. It is free to all the players playing pubg mobile. You can increase you snergy points by sending popularity to others.

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How to quickly increase popularity

The following steps will help you to get popularity at a maximum rate without spending any money on the game.

  • It would be easier if you have your own squad.
  • Every day tell them to give you the free popularity( chickens and likes), or if they want they they can give you the bp and silver fragment popularity.
  • You can tell everybody in your clan to give 1 bike to you from the clan shop.(its available for the free in level 5 clan)
  • Tell your player to give you the like every time at the last of the game
  • If you add all of this you can get 10*4(free chicken)+ 30*5(likes)+ 100*4(silver frag chicken)+ 50*4(bp chicken)+ 200*5(bikes)
  • So in a day you can get 1850 app. So in a month you can gain 50 k plus popularity totally free.

The one who spends money for increasing popularity

  • The one who spends money on the game can very easily increase their popularity
  • If you don’t have trusty friends. you can make your own second account. add money in it and send popularity to your main account.
  • You can send the bigger popularity like the car and plane which gives(2200 and 25000 popularity respectively)

You can gift me also for some help


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