All of who play pubg mobile need UC (Unknown cash) to buy the royal pass, to open crates and other fun stuff. Before 2 years pubg mobile has introduced their new feature of prime subscription. There are two types of subscriptions prime and prime plus. The cost of prime subscription is 85 rupees and prime plus subscription is 850 rupees. For android users there is a special offer from google that for the first time it cost 430 rupees and after ward it cost 850 rupees. But here is a trick from which you can buy pubg mobile prime subscription at 430 rupees every time.

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About prime and prime plus subscription

There are two modes of subscription in pubg mobile

  1. prime subscription– The cost of the prime subscription in India is 85 rupees. It contains a pack of UC and royal pass points. It has an feature of buying limited time skins with BP coins from the shop.It gives you 5 UC and 5 RP points every day for a month.
  2. prime plus subscription-The cost of the prime plus subscription in India is 850 rupees in android and 799 in ios. It contains a pack of 900 UC and 1 premium crate, 1 classic crate ,1 supply crate , a room card, and a rename card.It unlocks the feature of buying permanent skins with BP coins from the shop. It will provide you 20 UC and 10 RP points everyday for 1 month. And after 1 month you have to renew it to take the advantage.

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Pubg Mobile Prime subscription

Steps to get the Prime plus in cheap price

  • At the first time you get an discount of 50% for purchasing the subscription.(at 430 rupees only)
  • After a month it cost the full amount (which is 850 rupees)
  • You can continue to purchase the prime plus at 430 rupees
  • at first you have to create another e mail account.
  • In that e mail account you have to purchase 430 rs
  • after that log out from all other e mail account on your device
  • now one pubg mobile you will see in the purchase option their is again a discount of 50%
  • every time you can make a new e mail id and continue to get the prime plus subscription in 430 rupees.

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