We are very near to complete season 13.the developers of PUBG have provided us the leak of the next season. The theme of this season is Spark the flame. Here are all tire rewards and some of the royal pass rewards of season 14. It looks like PUBG has done a very decent job in making all those outfits. Every outfit is unique in itself. The texture in the outfits and the quality of the outfits have increased. The main thing is that all of these are absolutely free of cost.

Gold and Platinum tier reward

You will get this outfit after playing 5 matches in the gold tier. And you will get this headgear after playing 5 matches in the platinum tier. In the gold tier, you will get 400 silver fragments at the end of the season and 600 silver at the end of the season.

Diamond tier reward

You will get this gun skin absolutely free of cost. After playing 5 matches in diamond tier. You will get 800 silver fragments at the end of the season.

Ace tier reward

You will get this sick looking parachute after reaching ace in the next season 14.

royal pass logo

This is the logo of the season 14 royal pass which is totally awesome.

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