If you are new to pubg and your friend tease you as you cannot play properly. So you need some help. Here are some tips for you to become a pro player.


HOTDROP means places like georgopol,pochinki,novorenopol,military base etc as here more numbers of player land. If you land in these places you can die for several matches but this is the only way to improve yourself. Anasise the movement of the enemy who killed you , spectate the enemy for a while and see what is he doing.This will totally improve you skills.


You have to choose a proper gun. You should always choose a AR for close range. Guns like M416, AKM, M762 these are the beast gun. You can either take a sniper rifle if you can handle it or instead you can take DP28 Or you can use M416 for mid range fights.


This is a move only pro players use. so this move is mainly used during close fights. You have to give a prefire and suddenly crouch when the enemy will shoot you. This will help you to dodge some of the bullets which were aimed towards your head. This also surprises the enemy and your friends too.


Gyroscope is a setting available in PUBG. All the PMCO players pro players use this setting. At first, you have to practice gyroscope in the training mode for 10 min daily. Gyroscope helps you to control the recoils of the gun you can make a far stable spray with the help gyroscope.


This is a totally new technique for close-range fights. you have too just do is move your joystick side by side when the enemy is near you( approx 18-20 meters). It does not help in long-range as most of the shorts will get missed if you do giggle.


Play tdm matches as much as you can as it will improve your close-range fights. Choose the gun with which you want to be a master. Always play a TDM match before you start your first classic match. It will adjust your finger and mind for the classic match.

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